CleanBoost Downhole Solutions

CleanBoost Oil Absorbent 

CleanBoost Oil Absorbent is a 100% organic, environmentally safe and water repellent product that will turn any petroleum spill into a fluffy dry substance on contact. You can just sweep it up. CB Oil Absorbent is made from a peat moss fiber that is screened to a smooth consistency then dehydrated. This makes it a natural encapsulator of petroleum products. No more messy, sopping piles made from other products. CB Oil Absorbent saves time and money.

Because CleanBoost Oil Absorbent completely encapsulates the spill, it cannot spread or leak back into the environment. Advantages: This unbelievable product is all natural, 100% organic, non-toxic, non-abrasive and is water repellent. It will transform any petroleum spill into a fluffy dry substance on contact. You will eliminate messy and costly clean-up quickly and easily and … all you need is a broom, that's it! People friendly… CB Oil Absorbent does not contain any toxic chemical which are harmful to humans. Because of CB Oil Sorbent's powerful encapsulation ability, you will also eliminate the fear of a spill spreading or leaching. Oil Sorbent will even solidify an oil spill on water, in rainy conditions, on waterways, soils, grassy & swampy areas.

Watch a ​video on how CleanBoost Oil Absorbent works: Click Here

CB Oil Absorbent has the highest absorption rate over conventional absorbents. Just one 2 cubic ft. (approximately 18 lb.) bag will solidify up to 6 gallons of oil or petroleum based chemicals. CB Oil Absorbent is landfill safe can be incinerated and has a high BTU value, leaving only a 3% ash residual.

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