CleanBoost Downhole Solutions

Combustion Technologies has teamed up with some great fabricators to offer many options of Filter Carts for hydraulic tanks, engine oil bulk tanks, diesel fuel storage, gear boxes and more. If you cannot mount a permanent by-pass filter to your equipment, a filter cart is the way to go. Many models available for all sizes of sumps and fluids.

If you have a hydraulic sump, drum of oil, large turbine oil holding tank, fuel storage tank that needs to be filtered, we have a solution for you. Combustion Technologies has filtration experts to help you design a cart for your needs and to help you reduce maintenance cost as well as save money and time by disposing of contaminated oils.

Is your new hydraulic oil not meeting your equipment specifications? Not always is new oil in a drum, clean and ready for use. With a Combust Filter Cart from Combustion Technologies you will be able to clean that new hydraulic oil to a new ISO Cleanliness level that will assure you and your equipment longer life on oil drains as well as contamination control. 

Mine Sites, Power Generation, Manufacturing Plants, Gas Plants, Fuel Storage and Truck Maintenance Shops around the world utilize filtration carts to keep their equipment running smoothly and keep their oil clean longer for a great return on investment. Filter carts are easy to use and very cost effective. 

Filtration Carts "Fuel and Lubricants"

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