CleanBoost Premium Thread Coat


CleanBoost Premium Thread Coat contains no lead or zinc. Extreme pressure additives provide additional protection against seizing and galling. CleanBoost Premium Thread Coat provides superior rust and corrosion protection. 

Brushable and stable over a wide temperature range. Consistent rig floor makeup. Unequaled resistance to makeup downhole. Highly resistant to drilling muds.


  • CB Premium Thread Coat has been designed to help in the more severe drilling situations such as higher speeds, higher penetration rates, deviated holes or harder formations.
  • Drill collars and/or standard rotary shouldered connections should be clean of dirt, mud and solids before applying.
  • CB Premium Thread Coat can be used for standard and premium threaded connections.

Sold in 5-gallon (18.9 liters) & 55-gallon (205 liter) options

CleanBoost Downhole Solutions is a division of Combustion Technologies USA (

Drilling Products: 

Downhole Mud Additive (Friction Reducer) Oil or Water Based Mud

When it comes to being Proactive and saving money on maintenance and downtime issues for equipment, look to CleanBoost products to help your company save time as well as money. CleanBoost Downhole Solutions takes the same approach when developing and introducing products for the oil and gas industry. Specializing in cost saving products, CleanBoost Downhole Solutions can help your company improve on productivity, help your equipment run healthier and longer, save money, save time, and show an ROI when utilizing our products on the oil and gas drilling markets. CleanBoost products and technology have been helping companies around the world save money since 1988. Specializing in fuel additives, high temperature grease, specialty lubes, motor oils and filtration, CleanBoost has focused on manufacturing and offering a line of products that will help oil and gas drilling companies reduce drill times, a cleaner environment as well as keep drill rigs, mud motors and engines running longer and healthier. Drilling Products and Chemical, make sure your drilling project go smooth and productive.

Friction Reducing Product: Faster ROP, Less Drill Bit Drag, Less Trips, Reduced Torque

CleanBoost-Fluid Lube: is a Downhole drilling additive that will help with one of the harshest environments that creates extreme heat, pressure and friction. With CleanBoost Fluid Lube your drilling team can see benefits and cost savings in many areas with your drilling equipment.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Drill Bit: Reducing friction saves heat and wear on drill bits, saving up to 2 bits per well drilled.
  • Drill Pipe Trip Savings: Save up to one or two trips on average per 12,000 ft drill site.
  • Drill Mud Motor Savings: On an average 15,000 ft. well, it may take up to 4 mud motors, depending on the angle of the well, to finish the job. The failure of the mud motors comes from heat destroying the seals and the motor itself. Our new CleanBoost Fluid Lube will help reduce temperatures, friction and can help reduce the number of mud motors needed to finish the well.
  • Increased Drilling Performance: Reducing friction, less bit/pipe trips, cooler running mud motors allows for deeper wells, longer laterals for more efficient drilling.
  • Reduced Drag: Drilling horizontal wells can cause up to 40% more drag on the top drive and mud motors. Reducing metal on metal friction by creating a barrier film between the pipe and casing will allow for reduced drag, longer drill bit life, and increased mud motor performance. When using CleanBoost Fluid Lube, your drill team can reduce friction on all types of drill muds saving you thousands of dollars per well.
  • Product Information: CleanBoost Fluid Lube is an environmentally safe amide/ester lubricant. Torque and drag reduction are accomplished as the dispersion droplets coat metal surfaces and attach to the rock matrix. It can be used in fresh and brine water, as well as water-based and oil-based drilling fluids. Because it is concentrated, normal application is 50% less than competitor products.
  • Benefits: Reduces torque and drag - Increases ROP - Prevents bit balling - Non-aromatic - Reduces wall sticking tendencie-
  • Non-toxic - Non-regulated - Economical
  • Application: CleanBoost Fluid Lube can be mixed through the hopper or agitator. System treatments of .5% to 1.5% maximum depending on severity of torque, drag, or bit balling encountered. Pilot testing with any gilsonite present should be done to ensure breakout does not occur.

CleanBoost Downhole Solutions

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