CleanBoost Downhole Solutions

CleanBoost™ Diesel Fuel additive advanced formula specifically developed to accelerate the combustion rate of hard-to-burn hydrocarbon molecules. It functions by promoting the decompression of the large fuel particles in the flame and thus produces smaller fragments, which in turn are quickly burnt. This facilitates to complete the final stages of combustion reaction by lowering the temperatures at which soot burns, while virtually eliminating opacity (black smoke) problems. Slagging, fouling and corrosion are also less likely, thereby extending equipment life. CleanBoost™ used with # 1, # 2 diesel and Bio-Diesel fuels at a ratio of 1:3000 dramatically reduces the carbon particulate emissions while simultaneously reducing the excess air requirements.

The benefits are more efficient combustion which produces more energy and less emissions per unit of fuel burned. There is the obvious saving associated with increasing the energy output of the fuel. The increased combustion also increases efficiency by reduces fouling and corrosion thereby improving heat transfer, extending equipment life, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing interruptions of equipment operations. The environmental benefits of using CleanBoost™ in all types of combustion applications. CleanBoost™ promotes the combustion of the carbon particles (soot) and condensed tar which result from the incomplete combustion of fuels. Reduced soot mean cleaner air quality and cleaner running equipment.

CleanBoost diesel fuel additive has been tested for increased lubricity in today's ULSD fuels. ASTM D-6079 shows a large reduction in friction over diesel alone, which in return will increase the life of fuel system components and engine life. Our products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standards. This Quality Management System (QMS) ensures consistency and continual improvement of working practices, which in turn, provides products and services that meet our customers’ requirements.

Diesel Fuel Treatment

Better Combustion, Less Emissions

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