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About: CB Downhole

With over 40 years of experience of drilling, maintaining and operating well, the CB Downhole team is dedicated to help your company save money.  When it comes to being Proactive and saving money on maintenance and downtime issues for equipment, look to CleanBoost products to help your company save time as well as money.

CleanBoost Downhole Solutions takes the same approach when developing and introducing products for the oil and gas industry. Specializing in cost saving products, CleanBoost Downhole Solutions can help your company improve on productivity, help your equipment run healthier and longer, save money, save time, and show an ROI when utilizing our products on the oil and gas drilling markets.

CleanBoost products and technology have been helping companies around the world save money since 1988. Specializing in friction reducing lubricants and maintenance solutions for diesel engines , CB Downhole and the team can offer a line of products that will help oil and gas drilling companies reduce drill times, a cleaner environment as well as keep drill rigs, mud motors and engines running longer and healthier.

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